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Journey to Greendom Makes It Easy to Go Green

Journey To Greendom tan logo with green leaves

When Courtney Hamm and her mother Diane became aware of the chemical toxins in the skincare products, household cleaners and bug repellents they were using on themselves and their five dogs, they decided to become chemical-free and began making their own bug repellent spray with all-natural ingredients in their home kitchen in Barrington.

Now offering more than 40 Journey To Greendom products for adults, children, pets and general household use with all ingredients chemical free and eco-friendly, organic or sustainable, only essential oils are used without fillers, dyes or synthetics.

Popular items include shampoo bars with essential oils; perfect for traveling. Newly launched products are Making Dew All Night, a rich, facial, nighttime emollient with lemon essential oil to moisturize and brighten skin tone and the appearance of brown spots; Making Dew All Day for daytime use; and The Eyes Have It, an eye and make up remover that leaves skin clean and moisturized.

Journey To Greendom can be found through October at farmers’ markets in Palatine, Elk Grove and Mount Prospect. Shipping is available anywhere in the U.S.
For more information and a complete product list with ingredients, visit JourneytoGreendom on Facebook.