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Convenient Thermography Now Available at Five Locations

A thermography image of a persons head

Thermography, a non-invasive, painless screening tool used for the detection of many health issues, is now being offered by Northwest Medical Thermography, formerly Northwest Healing Center. Locations include Lake Forest, Highland Park, Evanston, Arlington Heights and Naperville.

A full-body screening covers all regions of the body with no less than 25 images. A region of interest can be used for localized screening and assessment such as breast, cardiovascular  and thyroid health, and detect early signs of muscular skeletal disorders, sinus and allergies, digestive disorders, dental pathologies, nerve damage, inflammation, fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome/reflex sympathetic dystrophy, dental issues such as TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome and skin cancer.


For more information, including locations, and to make appointments, call 224-600-3216 or visit