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Find Organic Herbal Formulas at Janes Herbs

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As the summer starts to change to fall, it’s the perfect time to start a detox program. Jane Hurst, a master herbalist and owner of Janes Herbs, in Woodridge, says, “Step one of any detox protocol starts with a bowel cleanse. This way, the toxins can easily exit the body.”

She specifically formulated a parasite and worm formula containing all organic herbs such as black walnut, wormwood, hyssop, cascara sagrada, skullcap, cloves, mullein, marshmallow and slippery elm for a 21-day detox program. It has been used for toxin removal, parasites, worms and candida (yeast), regulates bowels, helps with irritable bowel syndrome and brings energy (food digests and assimilates better).

The formula costs $59.95 at For more information, call 630-710-4404, visit or email [email protected].