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Edgar Cayce Ancient Egyptian Teachings

John van Auken The Edgar Cayce Holistic Center Chicago

John van Auken. Photo courtesy of The Edgar Cayce Holistic Center Chicago

The Milwaukee Area Association for Research and Enlightenment and the Edgar Cayce Holistic Center Chicago (A.R.E.) will present Edgar Cayce and Ancient Egyptian Teachings for Our Time, with John Van Auken, director of the Edgar Cayce Foundation, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., September 18, via Zoom. The program will be recorded and sent to all that register.

Cayce’s teachings provide insights into the fate of souls that once lived in Atlantis, ancient Egypt and the lands of the Mayans. His writings explain that an ancient initiation implanted a “memory chip” deep in our minds that still subtly affects us today.

The program uses art and imagery, important teachings and practices from ancient times in a guided session of introspection to access the soul’s memory. Participants will learn how to access the “memory chip” deep in our minds.

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