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New Way to Build Muscle May Help Those with Chronic Disease

Emsculpt machine

Too much fat is commonly the root of many chronic diseases like diabetes or prediabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, the same way lack of lean muscle mass is at the root of chronic arthritis, fatigue and aches and pain. This is why the therapeutic lifestyle changes diet (TLC), created by the National Institute of Health and National Cholesterol Education Program, is such a powerful tool to help patients with chronic disease.

TLC consists of eating and exercising based upon body type. Nourishing the body with whole foods based on type helps lose fat, and exercising based on body type helps build muscle. EMSCULPT is an innovative, nonsurgical U.S. Food and Drug Administration-cleared device that uses high-intensity, focused, electromagnetic technology to eliminate unwanted fat and build muscle by creating powerful contractions in the treatment area.

This non-invasive technique has no downtime. These contractions are stronger than what is possible to do voluntarily, making this treatment extremely effective. The EMSCULPT system is able to activate 100 percent of the muscles in the treatment area versus voluntary exercise, which only activates about 5 percent of muscles. Thus, one treatment has the same effect as doing 20,000 repetitions.

Meena Malhotra, M.D., at Heal n Cure, is using EMSCULPT at her functional medicine clinic. She will hold an open house on Oct 7, from 6-8p.m. Call to RSVP (attendance by preregistration only). To register, call 847-686-4444 or visit