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New Midwest Electric Vehicle Charging Network Unveiled

A person plugging in their electric car

The Regional Electric Vehicle Midwest Coalition is designed to build the future of mobility and electrification, and connect communities in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Governors of those states are creating a new network for charging electric vehicles to improve the regional economy and reduce emissions from cars and trucks.

Primarily, it will make it easier for drivers to find charging stations, which should boost adoption of electric vehicles (EV) because of increased range. Besides creating jobs and improving public health, it will also help the Midwest compete for private and federal funding. Under the agreement, the states will work together to enable the transition to EVs with specific consideration for historically disadvantaged communities.

The plan calls for the states to coordinate their efforts and speed the creation of a network that supports industrial and passenger EVs, and establish uniform regulations and charging operations across the entire region, plus establish a larger share of electric vehicle production.
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