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A Remarkable Undergarment Gift ~ Gentlemen, take note.

Nov 17, 2021 ● By Becky Connelly
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Photo credit Caroline Knopf

A gift of underwear may not be the most exciting thing to receive for Christmas or Hanukkah. Typically, these small articles of necessity are valued as filler items to balance need with want in the assortment of holiday presents.
It’s been a minute since an undergarment was remarkable enough to want it. Remember “Power Panties”? In 2002, Spanx launched these tummy and thigh-minimizing “underwear” that magically created a smoothing effect under pants, skirts, dresses, etc. Founder Sarah Blakely, frustrated by her visible panty line, accidentally invented the product when she snipped the feet off of her control top pantyhose to wear under her cream-colored pants. Lo and behold, it worked; not a panty line, bump or lump in sight. Remarkable.
No, we’re not suggesting that you give Power Panties for a holiday gift. Sure, she may want it, but you certainly don’t want her to think that you think she needs it.
Don’t worry, we have an amazing gift idea in the same, solution focused, remarkable undergarment arena as Spanx. It’s called The Elli Bralette, a non-padded, seamless knit bra with concealing petals sealed inside for modesty, and it’s disrupting the bra industry at large.
The “concealing bralette” is the brainchild of Non Disclosure Apparel (NDA), a startup in Charleston, SC, with an origin story very similar to Spanx. NDA founder Becky Connelly, frustrated with the lack of concealing bra options, initially created the product for herself. “I have small breasts, so the only thing I want my bra to do is hide my nipples from showing through my shirt,” says Connelly. She explains, “I set out to make something better than foam padding, the bra industry standard for concealing, because it distorts the size of my breasts, gets all bunched up or lost in the wash.”
After years of experimenting with fabrics and textiles, Connelly developed a bralette with a built-in concealer that’s “powerful enough to hide an erect nipple and flexible enough to curve around a breast.” For Connelly, it was important for the concealer to have no resemblance to padding. “It needed to be whisper-thin and strong as hell,” she quips.
Since launching the website in February 2020, NDA bralettes have been gaining traction both nationally and internationally. Connelly says, “Our customers find us online because they're specifically looking for this type of bra.” She adds, “They’ll order a bralette for its concealing properties and are delighted by its unmatched level of comfort, and vice-versa.”
NDA’s target market is broad: young girls to adult women and everyone in-between. “It's a total game-changer,'' says Connelly. “Our customers will write to say they’ve been looking for this bra for as long as they can remember. They can’t believe it actually exists.”
The bralette is stylish, stretchy, soft and easily translates from activewear to streetwear to loungewear. Connelly says the most unexpected news so far is that NDA customers are sleeping in it, adding, “It’s that comfortable.”
So, whether it’s a stocking stuffer, Hanukkah present or main event, The Elli Bralette is a no-brainer gift for this holiday season. It’s a must-have, remarkable undergarment, and you can rest assured that you’ve gifted the most comfortable bra on Earth. And with a bonus feature of built-in concealing petals, the Elli Bralette takes all the bra worries away; it’s a gift of confidence; the gift that keeps on giving.
Becky Connelly is the founder of Non Disclosure Apparel, a first-of-its-kind bra company creating bralettes specifically designed for comfort and concealing. For more information, visit