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Iannotta Offers Sculptural Lifting Massage as Alternative to Botox

Headshot of Paulina Iannotta

Paulina Iannotta

Holistic skin expert Paulina Iannotta is offering a new facial massage that combines unique and advanced transbuccal, osteoplasty and myoplasty techniques which stimulate biological and aesthetic regeneration of the face.

Multifaceted multitherapy restores physiological harmony to the tissues for supporting orthodontic and dental treatment, as well as procedures involving aesthetic medicine. Facemodeling treatments prepare the tissues for plastic surgery of the face and breasts, and also provide support in postoperative convalescence.

Iannotta says, “Taking care of the aesthetics of our face very often comes down to the skin itself, correcting it, masking imperfections and trying to stop time (Botox, threads or fillers), without focusing on the cause of all these changes. Facemodeling gives us tools that work naturally, effectively and long term.”
Location: within the Estuary Center for Living and Healing Arts, 24W788 75th St., Naperville. For more information and appointments, call 708-769-5351 or visit