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Experience the Equinox in Virtual Community Program

The sun setting behind a forest of trees overlooking a lake

Photo credit Energetic Geometry

Energetic Geometry is offering a seven-day exploration of the history, rituals and spirituality of the equinox sun from March 13 through 20, hosted by Karen and Dominique Susani. Attendees will participate in simple, but potent exercises; discover sacred equinox alignments; explore healing rituals from ancient times; prepare charged healing water, a secret guarded by the alchemists; and feel the beauty of the equinox sun and expand their spirituality.

Participants receive daily emails, exercises and short informational videos, and participate in a Zoom session to share personal experiences of the equinox.

Karen says, “Because the sun is essential for life, it has been part of rituals and ceremonies since the beginning of time. During our time together, learn and experience working with the sun’s powerful energy. The equinox is a time of grace, balance and beauty, and actually feeling the energy of true beauty is possible.”

Cost: $37. For more information and to register, visit