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Earth Energies Can Influence Daily Living

A red house surrounded by trees and plants

Photo courtesy of Energetic Geometry, Stanley8833 for Pixabay

Energetic Geometry is offering a Heal Your Home Weekend Workshop, May 7 and 8 in Sacramento, California, to help people learn how to make their home a sanctuary of peace and happiness. Many people are noticing that the energy of their homes is not supportive to their health. Waking up with back pains, not feeling well-rested and having nightmares can be symptoms of a sick house. Earth energies such as underground water veins and geological faults cause increased stress, arguments, sleeplessness and more. Attendees will learn how to restore health and vitality back into their home and life.

Studies in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s discovered that many diseases were caused by earth energies. Their research revealed that more than 70 percent of degenerative diseases were a problem of location; specifically, where we live and sleep.

Sacred geometry and geomancy experts Karen Crowley-Susani, a former Air Force pilot and art historian, and Dominique Susani, a professor of literature and philosophy, founded Energetic Geometry to share the knowledge and tools of ancient European master builders. They found that many diseases come from earth energies and modern building practices, and love bringing health and harmony back into homes.

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