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Dr. McIrvin Joins Staff of Dr. Kozlowski

Headshot of Dr. Carolyn McIrvin

Dr. Carolyn McIrvin

Functional medicine physician Dr. Carolyn McIrvin is now practicing with Dr. Peter Kozlowski in his Elk Grove Village office. McIrvin has a double medical specialty in functional medicine and emergency medicine. She has 10 years of experience at a large Chicago area medical center, treating patients of all ages with a wide variety of conditions. McIrvin completed her training and is certified through the Institute for Functional Medicine, and focuses on modifying client lifestyle and nutritional factors to optimize health. Her specialties include hormonal imbalances, mold and metal toxicities, gastrointestinal dysfunction, autoimmune disorders, weight loss and insulin resistance.

McIrvin is passionate about deeply connecting with patients and understanding their history, and  has garnered a reputation for skillfully identifying root causes of medical issues and compassionately guiding her patients to lasting health. She’s worked extensively in Latin America and speaks excellent Spanish. Consultations are available remotely or in the Elk Grove Village clinic. Additional support is provided by life and health coach Yasmine Amato.

Location: 90 Turner Ave., Elk Grove Village. For more information and appointments, call 847-626-5758 or visit