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Letter from Publisher

Headshot of publisher Peggy Malecki

Peggy Malecki

The season we’ve waited so long for is here! Vernal equinox has arrived and the sun now energizes the Northern Hemisphere into a new growing season. As I write my notes to you, my office window is open to an unseasonably warm day, and I’m enjoying the serenade of early spring birdsong from robins, cardinals, red wings, blue jays, goldfinches and more.

Simply stated, our health and the health of the environment are inseparable. Our slogan, “Healthy Living Healthy Planet” is our purpose and mission here at Natural Awakenings, and in each issue, we recognize the importance and influence each have upon the other. As we navigate all that’s happening in the world, it’s critical for us to keep this in mind in our daily choices and decisions. The more we stay connected and focus mindfully on making positive changes, the more we’re able to support and affirm each other, and the better the outcomes will be for ourselves and the world. As we work to improve our lives and the lives of those around us, let’s also please keep in mind how our actions will affect future generations of all living creatures, too.

I invite you to explore this special Earth Day edition of Natural Awakenings Chicago and hope you’re inspired to get outside this spring, revel in the season and find ways to support and understand our natural world and educate others. We’ve devoted this issue to discovering ways in which we can learn about nature, live more harmoniously with the natural world around us and easily incorporate additional healthy, environmental practices into our daily lives. Purposefully connecting and learning new things about our environment helps us to focus on the positive things in our world and sustains us as we work to make positive change. Fresh air, sunshine, rain and maybe even an occasional April snowflake can reconnect and inspire us daily.

As always, I encourage you to step outside every day to spend time in nature, feel the warming sunshine, listen to birdsong and peeper frogs, look for early blooming flowers and enjoy as the new spring season unfolds this month.

Happy Spring!