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Find the Gifts of Being an Empath at Special Workshop

Headshot of Alison Akey

Alison Akey, Photo courtesy of Edgar Cayce Holistic Center.

Exhausted To Empowered: An Empath’s Energy Workshop with Alison Akey will be presented from 2 to 5 p.m., June 18 at the Edgar Cayce Holistic Center (A.R.E), in Des Plaines. The session is for those that feel the emotions of those around them, lack confidence or training in working with their gifts as an empath or see, feel, trust, know or otherwise experience the energies that carry these emotions.

This one-of-a-kind, in-person, emotional and energy-centered workshop is ideal as a beginner’s class or as a refresher, as well as a jump-start option for more advanced empaths. It’ll cover practical uses of basic energy work theories and hands-on, action-packed exercises.

Attendees will partner up and practice becoming aware of their own emotional projection and reception skills. In small groups, they will learn about shielding against unwanted emotions and how to transform unhealthy emotions into healing efforts. Bring a journal to take notes and process thoughts.

Akey has been working in the intuitive arts since 2011 and has focused on being a healed, healing and holistic empath since 2016.

Location: in the Unity Church, 259 E. Central Rd., Des Plaines. For more information and to register (required), visit