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Northbrook Business Offers Organic and Vegan Oils, Flours and Skincare Products

Bottle of oil next to some almonds.

Photo courtesy Live Oil by Lesna

Live Oil by Lesna is a family-owned and -operated artisanal food company that crafts exclusive, organic, food-grade oils and high-protein flours from nuts and seeds. They also make a line of organic, plant-based skincare products that include scrubs, lip oils, lipid-rich, facial and body oils, baby oils and hydrating, herbal-based hydrosol sprays. Products are available online and at several area farmers markets.

Co-owner Oksana Taratula says, “Our oils are 100 percent natural, raw, cold-derived and carefully pressed by hand in unique, wooden press barrels which are designed to avoid contact with metal at all stages of the extraction process to prevent oxidation, bitterness and rancidity. Our products are free of chemicals, preservatives and additives, which allows us to completely preserve the live, active vitamin and mineral complex of the oils for maximum nutrition.”

Available organic oils and flours include almond, hazelnut, walnut and flaxseed along with individual flours derived from poppy, hemp, mustard, pumpkin, sunflower, sesame or black sesame seeds.

For more information or to order, call 773-739-4857, email Info@LiveOilByLesna or visit