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Gain Non-invasive Relief for Meniere’s Disease Symptoms

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Each year, hundreds of patients travel to the Burcon Chiropractic Research Institute, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from across the U.S. and the world to receive specialized chiropractic care for Meniere’s disease, a chronic ailment of the inner ear that can cause debilitating vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus. While there is no known cure, traditional treatments to manage the disease have included dietary changes, medication and surgery.

“Unfortunately, medical doctors don’t know what Meniere’s disease is, what causes it, and as a result they don’t know how to treat it,” says Institute Director Michael T. Burcon, B.Ph., DC. “At best, they try to control the symptoms with drugs and surgery. It remains one of the most baffling and incapacitating conditions a person can experience.”

Fortunately for those that suffer, Burcon made a major discovery almost two decades ago that established a connection between both Meniere’s disease and trigeminal neuralgia with patients who endured head and neck injuries that misaligned the top of the neck and the base of the skull. He found that these types of traumas can lead to Meniere’s disease as much as 15 years later, but that noninvasive chiropractic care specifically for the issue can dramatically improve or even eliminate symptoms.

“I continue to enjoy being considered the world’s leading expert on Meniere’s disease, both chiropractically and medically,” says Burcon, whose research is quoted in the Merck Manual. He also presents at annual international Meniere’s disease symposiums (most recently in Shanghai, China, last April), regularly publishes his research and holds video recorded Health Talks on his findings.

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