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Special Offer Provided by Joann Lysiak Gems

Joann Lysiak holding a large gemstone rock

Joann Lysiak

Energy specialist and mind, body and spirit coach Joann Lysiak, the designer of Joann Lysiak Gems, is offering 10 percent off all gemstone jewelry and stones when shopping online at with special code NA10 through November 30.

Lysiak is a certified nutritionist, both a QRA and master B.E.S.T. practitioner, master life coach, Applied Kinesiologist and intuitive. She helps her clients release and transmute stuck energies, patterns, triggers or dysfunctional habits.

She creates intentional designs while tapping into the specific gemstone energy properties for her client’s needs or desires. The gemstones emit energy properties to raise spiritual consciousness, activate intuition, ground/balance energy, strengthen energy fields, attract more abundance and more. The handcrafted designs combine beauty and powerful energy properties to provide numerous benefits.

Schedule a complimentary 15-minute Zoom appointment by emailing [email protected]. Visit Joann Lysiak Gems on Nov. 13 in Booth 21 at the Holistic Health Fair, in Pleasant Prairie, WI.