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Brookfield Health & Wellness Grows Its Cutting-Edge Holistic Offerings

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Brookfield Health & Wellness, LLC, now offers the Energy Enhancement System (EE System). The installation of a 16-unit system was completed in their Brookfield, Wisconsin office this past month. The EE System generates multiple, bio-active, life-enhancing, energy fields. The combination of bio-photonic fusion and scalar waves interfaces with the body’s DNA matrix and promotes healing. This technology gives the body the ultimate fuel it needs to rejuvenate and recalibrate us back to homeostasis.

By assisting in cell regeneration, this system can offer myriad benefits such as improving one’s immune function, aiding in body detoxification and providing pain relief. For a more detailed description of the EE System and the science behind it, see “The Revolution of Healing” Parts 1 and 2, available via YouTube, which includes an interview with Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, the inventor.

Established in 2014, Brookfield Health & Wellness was founded on the principal of getting to the root cause of illness by assessing whole-person wellness.

Location: 150 S. Sunny Slope Rd., Ste. 148, Brookfield, WI. For more information, call 262-395-4023 or visit