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Greetings Everyone, and Happy February! ~ Letter from Publisher

Headshot of publisher Peggy Malecki

Peggy Malecki

In this month’s issue, we’re focusing on ways to live a heart-healthy lifestyle. Rather than my usual notes to you in this section, the Natural Awakenings Chicago team are sharing their personal approaches to keeping a Healthy Heart. Some are fitness buffs, all maintain a healthy refrigerator and pantry, and a few have chosen to share their secrets for a great love life.
As always, I encourage you to step outside every day of February to enjoy the gradually lengthening days, take a brisk walk in whatever warm or cold conditions this month’s weather brings, look for the first early bulbs to emerge in your garden and listen for a cardinal singing brightly in your neighborhood.

We hope you enjoy our team’s tidbits of wisdom!
Maintaining my heart health is very important to me, as my husband has a family history of heart issues and he suffers from high blood pressure, so I try to set a good example and encourage our household to follow these steps. I work out three to five times per week with cardio and weight training. I use my far-infrared sauna three to five times per week. I get at least eight or nine hours of sleep each night and do my best not to get into stressful situations by walking away from things that do not serve me in a positive way. Am I perfect in doing this all the time... no, but it is something I strive to do every week.
                  ~Amy Hass - Content Manager
Because the heart and the mind are intimately connected and negative states of mind affect your heart’s “health,” I try to practice meditation, visualization and other modalities regularly, along with an HBO TV binge every now and then.
                  ~Heidi Hetzel - Sales
I have learned about myriad health regimes in my career, and although some are more successful than others, I believe the key is moderation in all things.
                  ~Martin Miron - Editor
I try not to take the beating of my heart for granted. I try not to overeat so as not to tax my entire system, including my heart. When exercising, like playing tennis, I try to listen to my heart — when it seems to be beating excessively, I’ll take a little extra time in between points or during rest periods during changeovers.
                  ~Randy Kambic - Proofreader
My heart was recently revived… by love! After what seemed an eternity, a wonderful man entered my life and my heart has not stopped jumping. I’m absolutely convinced that this is the best form of cardio!
                  ~Suzzanne Siegel - Design and Production
My emotional heart health is laughter from my son, my husband and myself. My son especially has a laugh that warms my soul. My two dogs and two cats give me snuggles which lower my blood pressure and help me stay grounded and calm.
                  ~Theresa Archer - Calendar Editor
                                             Happy Valentine’s Day!