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Cutting-Edge Treatment for Airway Issues

Headshot of Dawn Diehnelt, DDS

Dawn Diehnelt, DDS

Serenity Dental has a holistic, natural approach to dentistry, emphasizing airway health. How the teeth, jaws and face develop and function can adversely affect overall health. Airway issues, left unaddressed, can result in crooked teeth, grinding, sleep apnea, snoring, ADHD, bedwetting and even anxiety and depression. Dr. Dawn Diehnelt is an airway professional who can help with these issues.

By looking at teeth and the oral system holistically and understanding how the position of teeth and jaw could affect breathing, sleep and so much more, both children and adults not only see a better smile, but better overall health.  By training the muscles in and around the mouth to function properly, airway dentistry goes beyond regular orthodontics with minimally invasive treatments and long-term stability.

Issues may include mouth breathing; restless sleep, fatigue, chronic sore or dry throats; difficulty concentrating; agitation; breathing pauses during sleep; tonsil or adenoid-related health problems; flat cheeks; sunken eyes (shiners); and weak chin.

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