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Innovative Technology at Brookfield Health and Wellness

Headshot of Susan Rohr

Susan Rohr

Susan Rohr, owner of Brookfield Health and Wellness, uses innovative bioenergetic technologies to help identify the root causes of health challenges. Her assessment tools include the Qi-5 body scan, NuVision, ONDAMED and AmpCoil, all of which can help identify system imbalances, microbes, organ weaknesses and immune and detoxification dysfunction.

After assessment, Rohr customizes a care plan that combines nutrition, supplements, stress management and clinic-based treatments. Treatment tools for chronic conditions include hyperthermic ozone and carbonic acid transdermal therapy (HOCATT); the Energy Enhancement System (EES), Rife technology; NanoVi; frequency-specific microcurrent; and intranasal auricular stimulation with simultaneous cerebral electroencephalographic recording microcurrent neurofeedback. Rohr says that these tools can help increase oxygenation to cells, decrease inflammation, boost the immune system, improve circulation, restore cellular energy and provide other functions to help the body heal itself.

Location: 150 S. Sunny Slope Rd., Ste. 148, Brookfield, WI. For more information, call 262-395-4023 or visit