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Midwest Allergy Has New Office Locations

Headshot of Amanda Thiry, DC, BSN

Amanda Thiry, DC, BSN

Midwest Allergy Relief has relocated from Arlington Heights to locations at 111 Barclay Boulevard, Unit 101, in Lincolnshire, and the Sage Healing Collective, 525 S. Tyler Road, Suite S, in St. Charles, where owner Amanda Thiry, DC, BSN, provides a natural allergy/sensitivity treatment. She says, “We use a biofeedback system to test and treat over 400,000 different substances—anything from barometric pressure to motion sickness, food items, chemicals, pollens, molds and fungi, dust/dust mites and pet dander. The treatment is safe for all ages and effective.”

For more information and to schedule appointments in Lincolnshire, call 847-392-7901 or visit; in St. Charles, call 331-901-5672 or visit