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Bird City Network Expands Avian Conservation

Bird City Network logo.

More than 200 communities across three countries are working to improve the health of both birds and people. American Bird Conservancy (ABC) and Environment for the Americas (EFTA) have joined forces to launch the Bird City Network, a bird conservation program that connects cities across the Americas in a unified effort to expand the conservation of birds.

The Bird City Network serves as a collaborative platform designed to promote sustainable urban planning, create bird-friendly communities and raise awareness about the vital role people play in supporting bird populations. By fostering cooperation within and among communities, the program seeks to ensure the long-term well-being of birds by enhancing their habitats, safeguarding their migratory routes, reducing threats to their survival and educating both youth and adults. These steps help create healthy communities that also benefit people.

Michael J. Parr, president of ABC, says, “With more than 50 percent of the global human population living in urban areas, it is essential that we recognize the critical role cities and other communities like towns and villages can play in protecting bird populations. By uniting cities across the Americas, we can create a powerful force for avian conservation.”

The program encourages participating communities to implement a range of conservation actions, such as the preservation and restoration of natural habitats, the reduction of hazards posed by built structures and the promotion of community events that raise public awareness of birds and their protection. Bird City Network participants receive guidance and support from ABC and EFTA, including access to resources, educational materials and best practices in urban bird conservation.

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