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Lysiak Helps in Finding the Perfect Gemstone

Headshot of Joann Lysiak.

Joann Lysiak. Photo courtesy of Joann Lysiak.

Certified Nutritionist, Applied Kinesiologist, QRA practitioner, Master B.E.S.T. Practitioner, energy specialist and mind, body spirit coach Joann Lysiak, and owner and designer at Joann Lysiak Gems, says, “Gemstones have energy properties that you can benefit from when wearing them, meditating with them or displaying them in your home/office. Gemstones can be used as energy tools to uplift your emotions, reduce stress, protect you from EMFs and radiation from technology and cell towers, harmonize the energy of your home, ground you, instill a feeling of tranquility/serenity and more.”

She advises, “As an Applied Kinesiologist, I also energy test my clients to determine which gemstone is right for them, based on their specific needs or desires for manifesting. Each gemstone has a different energy property that can be used to attract an abundant life, a loving relationship, inner peace, higher spiritual consciousness or enlightenment. Let me help you find the perfect stone energy for you.”

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