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Handmade Items for a Blissful Space

Two rows of candles.

Photo courtesy of Blissful Home and Body.

Blissful Home and Body, an Illinois-based, woman-owned small business, weaves intention and craftsmanship into each locally made product they offer. Specializing in handmade intention items, this online boutique provides a blend of spirituality and artistry in items that elevate any living space. From intention candles in crafted fragrance blends that illuminate our desires to herb bundles to cleanse and purify, each item is handcrafted with a dedication to mindfulness and purpose.

Founder Elizabeth Blackwell is committed to quality and intentionality. “Our carefully curated collection embraces the soothing aura of room sprays and the empowering touch of essential oils. Every product is a testament to my belief that our living space can be a sanctuary for manifestation and positive energy,” she states. Blissful Home and Body nurtures delicately crafted items that invite positivity into our lives and help to elevate our daily rituals, from meditation and sacred corners of the home to relaxation and personal care time.

For more information and to shop the online store, visit