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The Benefits of the Best Gemstone Energy

Joann Lysiak holding a large purple gemstone.

Joann Lysiak. Photo courtesy of Joann Lysiak Gems.

From April 3 to 12, Joann Lysiak, owner of Joann Lysiak Gems, is offering a free 15-minute Zoom session for people to determine the best gemstone energy for them to manifest their dreams or desires. Lysiak is also a gemstone artist; energy specialist; mind, body, spirit coach; applied kinesiologist; master B.E.S.T. practitioner; and certified nutritionist.

As an applied kinesiologist, Lysiak uses energy testing to discover the right gemstone energy for her clients’ needs and desires. “We are here to create the life of our dreams and in order to do so we must raise our vibration to attract what we desire,” she explains. “Maybe you desire to reduce your stress, to be in a state of inner peace or find your perfect mate. Whatever you desire, there is a matching gemstone frequency to help you receive it. Gemstone energy helps you manifest your dreams and desires with ease and joy.”

To schedule a free energy test, email [email protected]. To view her gemstones, visit