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Healing Waves Sound Therapy

1733 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

Healing Waves Sound Therapy can be the key to your success and happiness. If we have to many negative thoughts, we become overwhelmed which can lead to a number of health-related issues, both physically and emotionally. Nikola Tesla suggested the application of frequencies to heal the body. This is not a feel good sound bath treatment with bowls, gongs and forks. Healing Waves Sound Therapy uses a modernized sound therapy technique to target specific negative emotions or traumas. This can be an alternative or aid to traditional talk therapy. Emotional Sound Therapy can help heal the underlying issue at the root, on the emotional level, by permanently decoupling a stored negative emotion from a trauma or event allowing a person to let go and move on. By using kinesiology testing each session is tailored to the clients individual needs. The testing determines which proprietary sound file will cancel out the frequency of the targeted emotion, it also locates exactly where in the body the emotion is being stored so speakers can be placed directly over the stored emotion.

With the release of the stored negative emotions you become lighter and free. Free to act as your true self, you are empowered and have control over your life. Free from the negative thought spin-cycle that was holding you back.