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VitaClay Chef

Discover nature’s secret for good health and vitality–unglazed clay. This culinary tradition in cooking and cookware plus our breakthrough technology gives you the best of both worlds. Organic Zisha clay activates enzymes and minerals in your foods, enabling you to extract extra flavors and nutrients from your recipes.

Quite simply, the VitaClay® multifunctional clay cooker is amazing because nature’s organic, unglazed clay is amazing. It’s greener than green with no toxins or dangerous coatings, plus clay amplifies flavors, stabilizes textures and increases nutrient bio-availability from produce, lean proteins and healthy grains. Add VitaClay’s time and energy-saving modern synergistic heating technology to the mix, and you’ve got the best of both worlds at your fingertips.

Replace your pressure, rice, slow and instant cookers with one countertop appliance that does it all. Clay is the secret ingredient.

● Superior taste, texture and nutrition. ● Quick and easy meals with push of a button. ● Cook, serve, and store all in one pot. ● Make healthy meals in half the time of other cookers. ● No added lead, aluminum or non-stick chemicals (third party lab verified)