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Chicago Buzz Marketing

50 S. Main Street
Suite 200
Naperville, IL 60540

Chicago Buzz Marketing is a 100% female run advertising agency based in Chicago, IL that specializes in communication and media placement services for businesses in the arts, entertainment, hospitality, and healthy lifestyle worlds. Unlike hiring a digital marketing agency, freelancer, or employee our clients receive the benefit of a "big ad agency" experience. We tailor create a project management team around every client to meet every budget need. Campaigns are developed using a highly strategic approach balancing the needs and algorithms of individual platforms and search engines, while still enhancing brand image, reputation, and audience conversion. Our team has a high level of ethics and proudly avoids spam automation, the purchase of likes and or follows, and forced advertising techniques. No bots or outsourcing here, Chicago Buzz Marketing has REAL busy bee's who personally curate content and monitor your communication platforms for best effectiveness.

We strive to be cutting edge leaders in our industry. To talk to markets in new and creative ways that inspire. To generate content so contagious that your Grandma will be talking about it. To activate your clients to not only be brand ambassadors but brand warriors. Our goal is to build your brand, your way, to fit your audience. It is not about challenging traditional advertising, it is about personalizing your communication efforts to connect with your audiences needs. For more information please contact us at [email protected]