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Get Organized for a Green, Serene Home

Nov 09, 2010 ● By Riv Lynch

Organizing is not just about a place for everything and everything in its place—it’s about respect and care for things by the people who own them. Organizing your home is all about reusing, recycling and repurposing in order to create a sanctuary that is calm, efficient and beautiful.

An organized, clutter-free home is healthier for the entire family, offering cleaner air, fewer toxins and less mold and mildew. And, when your residence is well arranged, you’re better able to discern what you no longer need or even want.

Instead of keeping unused items in your house, donate them. Rather than buying more, new or different furnishings, repurpose a piece of existing furniture and move it to a space within your home where it may work even better.

Next, create a streamlined flow of paper by reducing incoming magazines and newspapers to a minimum and recycling the rest. The physical space you occupy is a material representation of your Self; when it is organized, clear and calm, so is your state of mind. You are better able to control your surroundings, pay attention to the tasks at hand and make decisions that impact your life. A thoughtfully structured space provides an environment in which you can recharge and rebalance, especially during chaotic times.

When you simplify your home to include only what you love or need, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. By cutting clutter, you also reduce the stress and chaos it creates within you. “Freeing” your space helps you clear your mind and focus on what is truly important: your health, enjoyable activities and time with those you love.

Taking these few first steps toward an organized and serene space is ultimately best for the environment, too. Your home is a good, green place to start.

Riv Lynch is the owner of Sacred Spaces, a professional organizing company. Email her at [email protected] or visit