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Water-Saving Initiatives Target Evanston Small Businesses

In November, the Chi Psi fraternity house at Northwestern University, in Evanston, replaced its pre-rinse sprayer nozzle, a device used to rinse dishes in restaurants and food service operations. As the first participant in Evanston’s new Rinse & Save initiative, they expect substantial savings from this simple measure.

Typically, pre-rinse sprayers use more than 2.5 gallons of water per minute. In comparison, Rinse & Save participants purchased a 1.15-gallon-per-minute sprayer for $35, saving them, on average, more than $500 annually on natural gas, water and sewer charges. “It was simply a very easy and inexpensive way to save on hot water costs,” says Don Lennie, facilities manager for Chi Psi.

For businesses or homeowners interested in a more comprehensive water efficiency upgrade, green retrofit company e-One is offering Every Drop Counts, a customized upgrade of faucets, toilets, showers and pre-rinse units.

“The idea is to offer very specific, easily implementable efficiency solutions for busy organizations,” says Paige Finnegan, local business owner, member of Business Alliance for a Sustainable Evanston (BASE) and chief operating officer of e-One. “These offerings are designed to present an easy opportunity for business owners and managers. We offer them an estimated payback period, arrange for installation, and complete the rebate applications. Participants get to take cost-effective, green steps worth talking about.”

For more information or to participate in Rinse & Save or Every Drop Counts, visit or contact Paige Finnegan at 312-496-6811.