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Healing Our Bodies from Within

Dec 31, 2010 02:11PM ● By Megy Karydes

Local practitioners have been studying and practicing centuries-old techniques such as Reiki, color therapy and energy flow to help clients ease the pain and stress of daily life and chronic illness, including cancer. Used solo or in tandem with Western medicine practices, many of these practitioners cite benefits that range from reduced pain and stronger immune systems to bringing balance to our lives.

Marcia Bregman practices the Healing Touch method, which uses the power of energy and vibrations to help instill peace and ease physical ailments. As a certified instructor who lives and works in Highland Park, she also teaches laypeople how to enhance their awareness of energy and self-healing methods.

“As with many energy therapies which are very loving and caring methods, by using Healing Touch effectively, we can help reduce pain and accelerate healing,” Bregman says.

Bregman views Healing Touch as a complement to Western medicine, and has witnessed powerful results when used to manage pain and reduce side -effects in surgery or chemotherapy patients. She adds that anyone can benefit, including those suffering from arthritic pain and headaches.

Linda Belles, LMT, of Gurnee-based Novo Massage, often uses therapeutic massage with her patients. “Touch is a necessary part of human life,” Belles says. “We simply cannot live healthy lives without it. From the moment we enter this world, touch becomes a crucial part of our emotional and neurological development.”

Belles feels that there are many paths to healing and considers massage not so much an alternative to Western medicine, but as one piece to a person’s path to healing. She also practices other bodywork methods on her clients, including muscle- energy technique and craniosacral therapy. “I have clients who are doctors and nurses as well as those who completely shun Western medicine,” adds Belles. “My goal is to tailor each session to the needs of the client at that moment -- nothing more, nothing less.”

Beata Roukis, founder of Reiki4Light, also in Gurnee, agrees that the techniques she uses, from Reiki to hypnosis to homeopathy, can heal energy if one is open to the benefits. Roukis says she works with the energy field on conscious and subconscious levels to remove blockages that keep her clients from living healthy, joyful and successful lives.

“I start healing by using techniques to create proper energy flow and then we go after emotional issues,” says Roukis. “Energy healing helps to detect problems before they become a problem in the physical body. Recreating and restoring original flow of energy brings your body to work on the optimum level and lets the most powerful healer, your immune system, heal you.”

Reverend Patty Pipia, of Wauconda’s Beloved Light and Healing Center, uses color and light therapy to help the body heal. Her Crystal Bed Therapy, which originated in Brazil and is widely used in Europe, employs seven quartz crystals aimed at the client’s chakra points. “The person is fully clothed and listening to relaxing music while the crystals work and the color- light therapy helps calm and balance,” Pipia explains.

She also believes her holistic approach to healing complements traditional medicinal techniques, and reports success in symptom management with a range of clients, including autistic children.

These are just a few energy healing techniques and therapies used in our communities, but all of them use natural methods to help strengthen our bodies and spirits. Whether you’re searching for help in healing a physical ailment or feeling out of balance, perhaps one of these methods may help you find your way to a stronger you.

Marcia Bregman, Healing Touch Therapy, 847-831-3680, See ad in Community Resource Guide

Beata Roukis, Reiki 4 Light, 847-404-6417, See ad in Community Resource Guide

Reverend Patty Pipia, 847-845-8818, See ad in Community Resource Guide

Linda Belles, Novo Massage, [email protected], 847-732-1517. See ad in Community Resource Guide

Megy Karydes is a freelance writer in Chicago. Contact her at [email protected].