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Love Even More

Jan 31, 2011 ● By Darren Weissman, DC

Observation enables us to witness possibilities swirling in suspended animation, formless clouds of pure potential. The infinite universe reflects patterns of behavior, biology and nature as a means for each of us to realize the power of being mindful. Regardless of life’s mirroring, we often forget how intertwined we are with the natural world and the choice we have to acknowledge our wholeness.

I’m sure you can relate to times that, while contemplating your health, job, and relationships, you wish to release, let go, get through and be done with something or someone. But are we ever really done or through with anything? Or is it that your consciousness shifts and you suddenly discover a new perspective? It’s in these alchemic moments of witnessing that your heart opens to the power of saying “Yes!” to love. Blinking itself can cause the moment to pass you by. Regardless, the simple act of observation will reveal love’s truth again and again. Love is the subtle web that holds the universe together.

Now is the time for humble reverence for the passage of life and the diverse experiences we all undergo from one year to the next. It’s the time of year to acknowledge relationships, health and, most of all, what it means to be human.

I used to view the New Year as a way for me to let go of the baggage that I’d picked up along the way. I now realize that this is a time of reflection, introspection and gratitude. Rather than atoning for sins—as if I were broken, incomplete or wrong—I’ve come to know that it’s a time to love even more.

Regardless of your faith or what season you’re currently in, I encourage you to begin to view yourself through the lens of oneness. It’s through divine consciousness that you’ll cultivate a way to be rather than another thing you need to do. I know it’s easier said than done, but everything that’s worthwhile is an evolutionary process.

Here’s a practical process you can use to cultivate mindfulness and love even more.

• Pick one person, health challenge or behavioral pattern that causes you to feel stressed or upset.
• For one week, embrace the emotional stress of this life experience through the mirror exercise that follows. Commit yourself to do it in the morning and the evening.
• While looking into your eyes in the mirror, connect with what or who is causing you to feel stressed. You’ll more than likely notice an uncomfortable feeling as you acknowledge this life circumstance.
• Embrace this uncomfortable feeling with the affirmation “Infinite Love and Gratitude.”
• Write the affirmation on a piece of paper and stick it on your bathroom mirror. State this affirmation 10 times in a row, two times a day.

If you’ve never done mirror exercises, the first four days may feel uncomfortable and awkward. Watch out, however; you might get what you’re after. Once you discover the power of this simple process your life will never again be the same. Keep shining!

Darren Weissman, DC, is a Chicago-area holistic physician, author and developer of The LifeLine Technique. He teaches The LifeLine Technique in trainings around the world to participants from all backgrounds. For more information: