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The Yin and Yang of Winter

Jan 31, 2011 ● By Laurie Pawli

Stillness. Quiet. Going within.

As we drove up to Minneapolis the sky was blue and the crispness of winter was in the air. It was a peaceful, uneventful drive. Shortly after reaching our destination, the snow began to fall. And fall. And continued to fall until 20 inches accumulated. Each moment reflected the softness of winter as each snowflake gently floated to connect with the white covering already on the ground. Looking out the window, I felt as if we were in a giant snow globe with snow clinging to each branch, tree and home. The beauty in the tranquility of the moment was mirrored in the stillness that I felt inside. It was a meditative moment of silence. The True Yin of Winter.

Force. Sound. Energy.

Within a few hours, the wind started howling, and the snow began to swirl to whiteout conditions. The sound of the snowplows, snow blowers, and shovels on the pavement created a harsh contrast from the solace of the morning. The laughter of children echoed through the crackling cold air as they hopped on their sleds and jumped in Mother Nature’s white carpet. Active energy resumed in the Yang of Winter.

Throughout the winter months, notice the Yin and the Yang in your life and the feeling they create in you. Each is a benefit. Each brings its own voice, the quiet energy of stillness or the vibrant energy of sound.