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Move Fully into Life This Year

This year, learn new techniques for moving toward your life’s goals. Discover what keeps you from stepping fully into your life and move beyond negative beliefs, bad habits or unhealthy relationships. Shamanic practitioner Kathleen Rude will help you discover how in her Cord-Cutting Workshop on February 16, from 7 to 9:30 p.m., at Be Optimal in Glenview.

“Often when you feel stuck, drained or powerless, you are being affected by energetic cords to people, beliefs or past situations,” says Rude. “Even if you have released them intellectually and emotionally, there can still be energetic connections you need to sever.”

In this workshop, Rude will teach the shamanic practice of cord-cutting, a powerful healing experience. Through journey work, similar to guided meditation, participants will connect with spiritual allies and learn a simple ceremony for cutting the cords and restoring life essence. Rude also will demonstrate ways to support the healing process once the cords are cut. Participants are encouraged to bring a rattle or drum.

Cost: $30. Location: Be Optimal Holistic Health Center, 1249 Waukegan Rd. (behind Associated Bank), Glenview 60025. To register, call 847-486-8000.