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Wauconda Spiritual Center Provides Haven

Aug 29, 2011 ● By Carrie Jackson

Rev. Patty Pipia

The Rev. Patty Pipia, an ordained minister, teacher, healer, inspirational speaker and former hospice chaplain, has dedicated her life to helping people find spiritual nourishment and inner peace. Now, as founder of the Chapel for New Thought, in Wauconda, she aims to provide respite and rejuvenation in a place that can be sacred for everyone. “It’s not a church, but really a spiritual center,” says Pipia. “People are looking for a place to be supported and receive spiritual nourishment.”

She wants people to be comfortable at the Chapel, instead of feeling guilty or pressured, by offering classes and workshops on past life regression, prosperity, bio-healing, spiritual consciousness and Tai chi, in addition to a weekly service. Renowned healer Catherine Pellegrino has also visited the Chapel. “On Sunday mornings I offer a lesson that people can use in their lives throughout the week,” Pipia says. “I take the gospels and make them into everyday parables—attraction, giving, receiving, forgiveness and non-resistance.”

The Chapel is also a place for people to unwind. Prayer, meditation and silence are encouraged to enhance relationships with God, according to Pipia, who says that just knowing about universal laws and truths isn’t enough—they must be put them into practice. “We’re not sinners; we’re just people who have made mistakes. We are loving, kind, compassionate and empathetic.” Pipia also performs marriages, spiritual counseling, memorials, baptisms, commitment ceremonies, grief counseling and pastoral care, and advocates the power of good karma.

“We have to heal what’s been blocking us.”

“There’s more to life beyond the physical realm,” she says. “There’s an invisible essence that has created us, manifested us and is working through us.” She saw that firsthand working with dying patients as a hospice chaplain. “A lot of people can’t handle death, but it’s just the body that dies, not the person,” she says. Her mission is to help people find a unity of mind, body and spirit. Ultimately, Pipia believes in the power of love above everything else—loving God, loving others and loving ourselves. “We have to heal what’s been blocking us,” she stresses. “Everybody has the option to choose to love or choose to fear.”

Location: 349A S. Barrington Rd., Wauconda 60084. Contact: call 847-845-8818 or visit for a complete schedule of services and classes.

Carrie Jackson is a freelance writer and blogger based in Evanston, IL. Visit her at