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Food Therapy Workshops in Highland Park

Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum will present a series of Feed Your Mind—Food as Therapy workshops, at North Suburban Wellness Center, sharing her wisdom and offering practical tips for implementing change in your diet. “You are what you eat,” says Scheinbaum. “Research suggests that modifying your diet won’t only yield results in your waistline, but it will drastically improve your physical health and your mental well-being.”

Scheinbaum works with clients that have chronic medical conditions, and often finds that relief is only a bite away. The next workshop, Feed Your Mind: Is Sugar Toxic? is scheduled from 6:30 to 8 p.m., October 27. Scheinbaum will address the effects sugar consumption has on a wide variety of medical and psychological conditions, including anxiety, depression, metabolic syndrome, heart disease and cancer. During this interactive workshop, guests will learn tips for curbing cravings, explore substitutions to satisfy that sweet tooth and share their personal experiences. Cost is $25.

Scheinbaum is a licensed clinical psychologist and Ph.D., with more than 30 years experience, specializing in holistic approaches to mental and physical well-being. She is on the medical staff of NorthShore University HealthSystem and Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital, providing inpatient consultations in integrative psychology. Scheinbaum studied with Dr. Andrew Weil at the Center for Integrative Medicine, with a specialization in nutrition and cancer, and recently became certified as a FirstLine Therapy health care provider through Metagenics.

Cost: $25. Location: 1732 1st St., Highland Park. For more information or registration call 847-604-2752 or email [email protected]. Visit