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Free Lecture on Back Pain Relief

Oct 26, 2011 09:58AM

It is no secret that severe back problems can be completely debilitating; now, for suffers in the Chicago area, new help has arrived. The Chicago Back Center, an integrative healthcare practice, will present a free lecture, Relieving Low Back Pain, at 7 p.m., November 16. Refreshments will be provided.

Chicago Back Center Chiropractic Physician Dr. Nancy Gomez will discuss the common causes of low back pain, explain where the pain comes from and offer answers about how individuals can heal the back naturally and eliminate the pain. Gomez has been involved in physical medicine since 1998. Gomez spent the beginning of her career as a clinical massage therapist before furthering her studies as a chiropractor. She specializes in functional medicine, nutrition and spinal decompression with VAX-D; an advanced treatment option for many suffers of chronic back pain that addresses the bio-medical aspects of low back pain non-surgically.

Dr. Nancy Gomez
Dr. Nancy Gomez

Chicago Back Center is a multi disciplinary group of physicians and therapists, using the latest research and advanced technologies in physical medicine to provide orthopedic and chiropractic care, physical therapy, podiatry, spinal decompression and nutrition-based medicine to patients throughout Chicago.

Cost: Free. Location: 6445 N. Central Ave. RSVP at 773-792-2225 or online at