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Reuse and Regift at Live It Yoga

Live It Yoga has found a great way to REuse, REcycle and REgift for the holidays. Leave children’s clothes and toys in good repair and clean condition at Live It Yoga from now until December 2. You will receive a voucher for every bag given as well as a voucher for $5 off the price of a single yoga class. From 12 to 3 p.m., on December 3 and 10, come redeem  your  vouchers, picking up bags of clothing and toys to reuse, recycle and regift. Donations of clothing and toys will be made to the children of Haiti.

Owner Wendy Silvers says, “My daughter, who is a nurse, travels to different parts of the world offering medical care where children would not otherwise receive it. She will be going to Haiti in January to personally bring these toys and clothing to the children.

Live It Yoga will also adopt a family to provide a holiday meal and gift basket. Silvers adds, “By opening our heart and reaching the world, we will collect perishable foods and gift certificates from grocery stores for the family to purchase perishable foods for a delicious healthy holiday meal. We will also collect gifts, toys, books and clothing for the family to offer them a full joyous holiday season. This is our way of supporting each other in our community. Together we “live it”, the spirit of our “commonunity”, bringing harmony and unity to all life.”

All donations for the family need to be brought to Live It Yoga by December 10.

Location: 1207 McHenry Road St. 211, Buffalo Grove IL. For more information, call 847-793-8686, email [email protected] or visit