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An Interview with Seldar Atamov

“The greatest gift of life is the consciousness that we are all born with. There is no time or space when you become conscious about yourself. Expand it by experiencing it. There’s no positive or negative, right or wrong, good or bad, you must experience it all.” ~ Seldar Atamov

Many of us meditate and integrate spiritual practice into our daily routines for the purpose of our conscious evolution. However, few of us actually see life other than through the lens of duality. Fortunately, people such as Seldar Atamov, see life as undivided, infinite, ever-present, ever-active and something we are all at one with. Seldar explains his perceptions about consciousness evolution at Antalee Wellness Center, in Glenview, and helps others see through the illusions of separateness and perceive reality as wholeness. He shares his life experiences and understanding about how to live in the present moment without resistance to the flow of life.

How does knowing ourselves put us more at ease in the world and expand our consciousness so that we can contribute to the greater good?

Vocabulary words are inadequate when we need to interpret our feelings, ideas and experiences about consciousness. This is why I use metaphors and analogies to deliver the same messages we have all heard before but have yet to deeply understand.

For example, we’ve heard how knowing we are all one and part of the collective consciousness can help to expand consciousness. We’ve also heard how we need to love ourselves. However, the majority of individuals don’t understand these concepts. Human beings don’t know “what” they really are or “what” they are supposed to love and they can’t demand that someone love them when they don’t know what to love in themselves.

To explain the collective consciousness, I compare the whole living environment inside—the body’s internal organs and major systems—to communities of living beings that love unconditionally and depend on you. These beings follow your directives and sacrifice themselves so that you can do whatever you want to experience life. For example, when these beings feel discomfort or disease, you take a pill to numb the feeling. This is the same as abuse and neglect.

If you can see how your inner world reflects your outer world and that you are a “we” that is part of a collective consciousness, then you can see that you can’t demand a government system to have peace, when you don’t have peace within. And, you can’t demand that someone love you when you don’t love yourself and care for yourself as the magnificent being that you are. When you can do this, then peace comes to the communities within and ease is created naturally.

You don’t have to be gifted to view life in this way. The same consciousness is given to everyone. All you need to do is expand your consciousness by knowing and understanding yourself. Unfortunately, most people don’t want to research themselves; they don’t want to know that their behavior is connected to their health problems or their exterior life. Look within, understand yourself, and become aware of the outside word as a reflection. Unease, pain and suffering are the consequences of not knowing who you are.

Antalee Wellness Center is located at 1834-36 Glenview Rd., 2nd Fl., Glenview. For more information, call 847-486-1130 or visit Learn more about Seldar at

Linda Sechrist is a staff writer for Natural Awakenings.