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In Remembrance…

We at Natural Awakenings were saddened to learn of the October 24 passing of Guy Spiro. Spiro was well-known and respected by the Chicagoland community as the co-founder and co-publisher of The Monthly Aspectarian magazine. Spiro also wrote and published the annual Astro-Weather forecast guide.

The following is excerpted from what Spiro’s wife, Jeanne, wrote shortly after his passing. She says that in his earlier years, he traveled and experienced various Eastern and Western traditions and later discovered Unity, “a Christianity expansive enough to encompass his beliefs.” They married in 1978 and a year later they began publishing a flyer that would become The Monthly Aspectarian magazine. Guy’s later life was spent publishing, writing and teaching. Jeanne adds, “The magazine gave him the opportunity to share with readers some of the greatest thinkers of our time, and through his lectures, classes and meditations, he touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of seekers.”

Jeanne says her husband was always proud of his hippie roots and unconventional outlook. “Guy had a huge appetite for life,” she continues. “His views included: why indulge if you can overindulge, and bigger really is better. He loved vibrant color, spacey light, spicy food and out-there music. He thrived on keeping current with social trends and worldwide events. The world has lost a truly unique individual.”