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Opening to Love Workshop

The Inner Metamorphosis University will conduct a workshop, Opening to Love, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, December 10. Exercises to be practiced at the workshop may include:  Releasing  Love Exercise; Mirroring—tuning  in; Chakra Breathing; Flowering of the Heart; Dropping Words; Exercise and others.

“Love is a byproduct of the raising consciousness; it is the shadow of awareness,” says Amona Buechler, IMU co-founder. “Exercises that raise consciousness and gently touch the heart are to prepare the inner atmosphere for love to happen. Our being then opens up to the mystery, to the tremendous beauty of life within ourselves as well as in contact  with all others.”

Cost: $65, including tea break. Discounts are available on website. Location: 1418 W. Howard St., Chicago. For  more information call 773-262-1468 or visit