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Wellness in the Workplace

Jan 25, 2012 11:22AM

TVH is a leading distributor of replacement parts and accessories for industrial vehicles manufactured worldwide. Offering more than 4.5 million different parts, TVH in the Americas employs 700 people at nine facilities in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Brazil, including one in Grayslake, Illinois.

The company recently turned to health and wellness as a key employee benefit that adds to the bottom line. The Nudge program started in June 2009 with a small walking group that met after work to do laps around the building and help each other reach health goals.

Due in part to its popularity and cost savings in sick time and insurance, Nudge became its own department in June 2011. Employees now enjoy benefits such as monthly education classes, partial monetary reimbursements for gym memberships and 5K events, health contests and the very popular weekly fruit day, when fresh fruit is provided for all employees.

With the implementation of this program, there has been a definite change in the corporate culture. Groups of people can now be seen walking around the building for breaks or “walking meetings,” eating fruit instead of junk food and participating in health-related activities, such as onsite yoga and massages. Since 2010, employees have collectively lost more than 1,200 pounds, six have stopped smoking and overall job satisfaction has increased, according to reports from their insurer, Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

John Gaughan, director of business development in Grayslake, is a former smoker and has lost 15 pounds with the program. He credits Nudge with getting him on the road to health. “Nudge makes health convenient,” Gaughan says. “The programs are diverse, so there is something for everyone. The support and resources make it easy to have a healthy lifestyle.”

This year, Nudge plans to engage nearly 70 percent of its employees in four or more health-related activities. The success of the program can be traced back to executive management getting involved and making employee health a priority.

“Having executive management behind the program adds to the importance of what we’re doing,” says Bonnie Steer, who is in charge of the TVH Nudge program. “Employees know this is something that is here to stay and that the company values their health.”

For more information about the programs and how they relate to your business, email [email protected] or call Bonnie Steer at 913-829-1000.