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New Figurefacts App Monitors Lifestyle for Health

A new smartphone app is encouraging people to sit up and take control of their heart health. Figurefacts Heart Health App, available on iTunes, makes it easy for people to track their daily diet and monitor the impact it has on their body. It offers a complete, self-directed nutrition program, with all the tools and information needed to take charge of their diet and live a fuller, healthier life.

The new app provides a Daily Fuel Checklist that tallies an individual’s daily caloric intake, while monitoring their total carb, fiber, sugar, sodium, calcium and iron levels. The app sends out alerts if additional starch, fruit, vegetables, milk or protein are needed and how much of each is necessary to get back on track.

A daily health journal monitors blood pressure, fluid intake and physical activity and a special section of dietary guidelines is customized for people at every stage of life, including women, moms-to-be, men, kids, teens, seniors and active adults.

Figurefacts CEO Roberta H.C. Jenero, a Chicago-area registered dietitian and entrepreneur, says, “My professional goals have always lined up with helping my clients understand their nutritional needs and giving them a way to track it to verify they are on target to meet their body’s needs.”

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