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New Film Explores the Nature of Perception, Imagination and Reality

A new movie released by Samuel Goldwyn Films, written and produced by Austin Vickers and directed by award-winning Scott Cervine, is coming to town: People v. The State of Illusion debuts in Chicago in May. Reviewers for The Huffington Post and others have called the film, “A Must See,” and compared the feature-length film to What The Bleep Do We Know? hailing the documentary as a powerful and compelling exploration of the science and power of perception and imagination, as well as a treatise on how habitual thoughts shape our reality.

“The film addresses stress and the mental health issues that we all face, and has the potential to really change people’s lives,” advises Vickers, a former trial lawyer.

Set in the notorious New Mexico State Penitentiary Old Main prison, the film tells the story of Aaron Roberts, a single father who is arrested and tried on charges following an incident that claims a woman’s life. The movie calls as expert witnesses leading thinkers in the fields of neuroscience, biochemistry, psychology, and quantum physics, including Thomas Moore, Candace Pert, Debbie Ford, Joe Dispenza and Peter Senge. Their expert testimony helps answer the film’s central questions: What is real, and can we really change?

People v. The State of Illusion directly involves viewers by making them a part of a trial, as judge and jury, and the emotionally compelling story of transformation presented in the film,” Vickers says. “Viewers are not only challenged to question the true nature of their perceptions, imaginations and reality, but also given a way to transcend their illusions. It’s an inspiring movie that will wake you up to the power of your imagination, encourage hope and elevate your spirit.”

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