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The Case Against Cavities

Dr. Bernice Teplitsky, DDS

In the formation of dental caries (cavities), our acid/alkaline balance (pH) is proving to be a big factor. Our bodies operate optimally at a more basic (7.4) pH, but the majority of food we consume is acidic (pH below 7), decreasing our body pH at mealtime. When the pH of our saliva falls below 5.5; easily done when sipping soda (2.3 pH) or coffee (4 pH) throughout the day, that creates ideal conditions for cavity-causing microorganisms to start eating away at the food that was left behind, as well as the natural tooth structure as a source of their own development.

When bacteria create a hole in the enamel, it then becomes a breeding ground for more microorganisms and forms a cavity. Ideally, individuals should rinse their mouth after every meal with water; brush and floss. Also, eating meals farther apart and avoiding snacking will help the body to re-mineralize and increase its pH between meals.

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