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Natural Awakenings Chicago

New Healing Salt Room Open in Skokie

Jun 24, 2012 06:55PM

Solay Wellness has opened their new therapeutic So Well Breathing Room, a traditional healing center that uses the properties of Himalayan salts to relieve a variety of symptoms.

Salt healing is a holistically synergistic approach to wellness that combines the healthful properties of speleotherapy, chromeotherapy and sacred geometrics. Solay’s Himalayan salt room is intended for asthma, allergy and stress relief plus for relaxation. “Breathing in ion-rich air increases energy levels and is great for skin conditions,” says Owner Isabella Samovsky. “Even one 20-minute session can have you breathing and feeling better.”

Solay Wellness offers a wide range of handcrafted products in their Skokie location and online that include organic Himalayan salts for personal care, cooking, cleaning, pet care and therapeutic needs. Other products include a wide variety of salt lamps, fair trade clay cookware, teas and cooking accessories. Solay also offers evening yoga classes and a variety of lifestyle special events.

Location: 4819 Main St., in Skokie. For more information or appointments, call 847-676-5571 or visit