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Master Stephen Co Coming to Chicago Area

Master Stephen Co

Knowledge of the ancient mysteries of life force energy evolved in the Orient over thousands of years, and has been organized into a clear-cut science by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. This system of knowledge, called Pranic Healing, is now taught in the West by the grand master’s senior disciple, Master Stephen Co. As a teacher of the science of Pranic Healing, Co describes his “healing miracles” as nature’s response to the conscious direction of life force energy (chi or prana).

Pranic Healing training is designed to empower and tap into an individual’s own latent ability. Master Co explains, “All human beings are born with the incredible power to consciously, purposefully direct their life force energy, the foremost power in nature. The legacy of Oriental masters is the tremendous development and refinement of the ability to apply these subtle, natural laws. Today, anyone can realize these seemingly magical abilities to harness and direct nature. Pranic Healing opens the door to a life of power and mastery, in harmony with nature’s laws and gifts.”

From September 17-19 and October 6-7, Master Stephen Co presents several events in the Chicagoland area. For more information, visit