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Parents Work to Label Genetically Engineered Foods

Just Label It (JLI), a national coalition of nearly 600 organizations, is making a special appeal to parents to demand federally mandated labeling for genetically engineered (GE) foods. More than 1.2 million Americans have already signed the online JLI petition asking that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) require labeling of GE Foods. That number is increasing as more Americans, especially parents, demand to know more about the ways our food is produced.

With new foods continuously being introduced to the marketplace, such as corn resistant to the toxic 2,4-D herbicide and apples genetically engineered to never turn brown, parents are concerned about the foods they are feeding their children. According to a recent survey conducted by the Mellman Group, 90 percent of mothers and 88 percent of fathers say they are in favor of labeling GE foods. Additionally, knowing whether the food they purchase and serve their families contains GE ingredients is important to 85 percent of mothers and 80 percent of fathers.

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