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Great Lakes Bioneers Meeting in Chicago

Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago will host its inaugural annual gathering at the University of Illinois at Chicago Student Center East, from November 2 to 4. Participants will join international, national and local visionaries to create a vision for a new Chicagoland through a program of presentations, interactive workshops, music, drama, dance, poetry and celebration.

Speakers include Vandana Shiva, an internationally renowned scientist and food justice activist; Richard Heinberg, a senior fellow at the Post Carbon Institute; Mark Lakeman, from Portland’s City Repair project; Starhawk, an author, activist and eco-feminist; and Bioneers co-founder, Nina Simons.

More than 40 workshops, eight plenaries, flash talks and performing artists will engage attendees on a wide array of issues, ranging from urban agriculture, waste recycling, climate change and biomimicry to green buildings and infrastructure, group problem solving and cooperative models for housing, food and employment. The event is open to the public.

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