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Nurbakhsh to Visit Chicago Sufi Center

Dr. Alireza Nurbakhsh

Dr. Alireza Nurbakhsh, master of the Nimatullahi Sufi Order, will visit the Chicago Sufi Center in early December. Sufism is a school of divine ethics, and the master of The Path attempts to decorate the Sufi’s heart with divine attributes.

The order is dedicated to the love and service of all human beings. The foundation of their spiritual endeavors rests upon the practice of ceaselessly remembering God in thought, word and deed.

The Sufi guiding principles are firmly rooted in the tradition of chivalry in the Middle East, where relations among members of society were based on selfless service and consideration of others, first and foremost. The Chicago Sufi Center is open to the community and offers regular teas and other learning and service-related opportunities.

Location: 6539 N. Bosworth Ave. Sincere seekers yearning for spiritual guidance and selfless service are invited to contact the Chicago Sufi Center at 773-761-1616 or email [email protected] to arrange a visit.